His Reject: The Alpha King's Hybrid His Reject: The Alpha King's Hybrid

His Reject: The Alpha King's Hybrid

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The story of a bastard prince turned Alpha King and his fake mate. A story of love, lies and vengeance. To the world, it’s a fairytale, the tale of a royal and a maid. In reality, it’s a sham. Killian is known as the bastard prince, a murderer believed to have killed his brother for the throne. Cold and merciless, Killian firmly believes only fools love but on a whim, he announces a random maid as his mate to avoid a political marriage. Then his beliefs begin to change. Carrot is fleeing her abusive mate who, not only rejected her, but also tried to kill her and then sold her off to an old, perverted Alpha. She runs to the capital and renames herself Amethyst. Working as a palace maid, she is scrubbing the ground one day when the Alpha Prince takes one look at her and declares her his mate. A lie. In public, Killian dotes on Amethyst but in private, he ignores her existence. He crowns her as his queen and they continue their fake relationship until their lies unravel as the truth. They are true mates. Can Amethyst open her heart to a man who disregarded her from the start? They may be true mates but with a woman deadset on having Killian, a disgraced dowager queen determined to avenge her son and the awakening of Amethyst’s hybrid powers, how long can their relationship last? More
Chapter 115 Finale
2023-09-23 07:24