Love Magic: Owned by ruthless mafia Love Magic: Owned by ruthless mafia

Love Magic: Owned by ruthless mafia

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A girl was accidentally meet the mafia boss because of her boyfriend. Her boyfriend had many debts to pay to his creditor. The mafia boss was calling her for seeing his condition and ask for her will. Her boyfriend was signing one agreement. That was selling her to the boss for years until the debts cleared. She was changing the path and trying to deal with another way. But the mafia boss gave her another choice. That was killing her boyfriend and clearing the debts. She was picking up the gun to shoot him. However, she couldn't do it at last. So, her life changed as the wife and pet of the mafia boss. The mafia boss was knowing her since she was struggling and busy with 24/7 part-time jobs. He met her at the restaurant. He noticed her because of her sensitive reactions. She was childish and elegant as the lady at the same time. she had full of knowledge and experience. He knew if she was standing there for him. He would clear all the debts and problems of her life. Since that day, he was sending the man for investigating her background. After he knew, he make this plan for making her his own. She wasn't knowing everything. They suddenly married and start a different relationship. It was unlikely to the wife and husband. After she knew everything, things will change between them. The girl who had the power to dare to love and hate him. What will she choose is her own decision? More
Chapter 46 The last signal to catch
2023-09-23 07:03