Inlove With The Lycan Inlove With The Lycan

Inlove With The Lycan

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When Lyca ran away, she ended up in the forest, where everyone was afraid and avoided going. This is the Mystic Forest, which is said to be the den of the son of darkness, A scary monster. But Lyca immediately removed this story from her mind when encountering the 'sons of darkness. The image she saw was mesmerizing, a perfect face that seemed to have been sculpted by a sculptor. Its eyes are as blue as the ocean, matched by a prominent nose and red lips. And the most exciting part is that Lyca doesn't see only one with the perfect image, but seven! But the legend is true because behind those beautiful appearances hides a fierce creature—and it's too late for Lyca because their leader has already entrapped her. More
Chapter 99 Ninety nine
2023-09-23 07:22