Sold to the Mafia Boss Sold to the Mafia Boss

Sold to the Mafia Boss

| Ongoing
R. S. Paradise
Logan DeAngelo, one of the top ruthless and feared Italian Mafia boss in the country is reeling from a painful loss in his business inflicted by a peasant family whom he swears to make pay in blood. Everything is about to be upturned when he gets a beauty as collateral. Nothing seemed to matter more until the night he was given Layla Quins, thrown into his arms. Layla is one of the few young beauties his mafia world would ever stumble across on the street. Suffering from a heartbreak while struggling to deal with the fact that her friends got into college while she has to wait for a miraculous scholarship that would begin to bring her life together, More than anything she wants to turn her love in arts into a career that she actually loves. Only she never expected for her life to take a drastic turn. If only she knew the day she waved at her best friend after their part time job together was going to be the last time she saw her, if only she knew she was seeing her ex boyfriend for the last time that night, then perhaps she would have given him the chance to say what he had wanted to say to her. But when she is subjected to the cruelties of this hard hearted, notorious, ruthless and devil impaled mafia man as well as his twisted love, will she actually start to see the bigger picture of how they weren't so different and how much he truly loved her? Was she willing to forgive a family that saw little in her and learn to love him back even though it was out of her control? Layla sets to change this man's ways and thaw his frozen heart from his cold past and crumble the walls he has built to guard his heart. But what she didn't know was the more she penetrated his insides, the more she made him open to the enemies who has longed for his blood for countless revenge. More
Chapter 201 Wishes come true
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