The Mafias' Dirty Little Slut(18+) The Mafias' Dirty Little Slut(18+)

The Mafias' Dirty Little Slut(18+)

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HIGHLY RATED(18+) Author's warnings: THIS BOOK MAY CONTAIN HIGHLY SEXUAL CONTENTS, ABUSE, ILLEGAL ACTIONS AND DEATH. IF YOU CAN'T WITHSTAND ANY OF THESE MENTIONED ABOVE, KINDLY PASS BECAUSE IT'S NOT FOR THE WEAK. -------- "There are rules binding this contract, Isabella", Leonardo said to me while staring deeply into my eyes . A shiver ran through my whole body when I heard his cold deep voice. I stared back into his sexy green eyes before I spoke confidentially,"And what's that?". I asked. "Rule number one, you don't touch my body whenever I'm being intimate with you". Said Leonardo. "Rule number two…..". I turned to look at Matteo who was laying back on his elbow on the bed with no shirt on and I could tell that he was looking totally hot in that position. I gulped in the lump in my throat when my eyes descended on his well detailed abs. "We can do whatever we want with you and you have no right to object". I felt seriously nervous with the way their eyes were scrutinizing my whole body and it took me enough confidence to turn to look at Leonardo. "Is that all?". I asked and then, he brought out a pen and offered it to me. "Sign the contract and be ours". Leonardo said to me but that wasn't what I just wanted, I wanted to be more than a SLUT to them. More
Chapter 100 Your Yes Means No
2023-09-10 02:36